Future cosmetics & drugstore offers

The future of marketing is multimodal and hybrid. Retail trade will grow to combine online and offline components. Products will turn into stories. Brand ambassadors will become influencers. Sales assistants will metamorphose into user experience specialists.

This is what also awaits cosmetics & drugstore products: an industry that has exciting future potential in selected niches.

Developing these niches is a challenge that not only defines MARSIS, but also appeals to the values and aspirations of the Martinez Sisters.

Another chapter in the successful history of the company owners also closes the circle and leads them back to their earlier career in international companies in the cosmetics industry.

We lead cosmetic & drugstore products to success

Our mission is to establish cosmetics & drugstore products in the Swiss market and empower them with lasting success.

Does this match your ambitions for your products too? Then please contact us to discuss the future potential of your products in Switzerland!