Brand building

As marketing professionals, we know how to implement global marketing plans in our culturally diverse trilingual market, and which communication channels lead to success. In addition to the right sales channels, we know, above all, the powerful influencers, relevant media or perfect brand ambassadors who are in the best position to promote to your brand.

We see ourselves as part of the manufacturer company and the entire scope of customer experience. Our most important goal is to represent the brand values and the brand philosophy credibly and honestly, in the interest of and in close cooperation with the manufacturer.

Business development

Our recipe for success? We only foster those brand products that we also use personally as consumers, and for whose brand values and virtues we bestow our unequivocal 100% support.
Only this high level of brand identification allows us to achieve top quality and quantity performance for the manufacturer in every phase of the marketing and sales process.

Distribution through established sales channels

Integral supply chain management, time-to-market, cost efficiency and convenience are the success criteria for distribution policies.

Trade is free of time and space, be it in a retail store or in digital world. Brick-and-mortar sales facilities, dynamic e-commerce applications and integrated omni-channel concepts have all merged in one.

What counts is high service quality, attractive prices and outstanding convenience.