After decades of experience as marketing specialists for international consumer goods companies, the Martinez sisters, Angela & Conchi, decided in 2000 to take a step further and established their own company in Lucerne.

How a boutique became a successful distribution company

The story began with a small boutique in downtown Lucerne. With passion and commitment, they began selling a personally selected range of items designed for babies and toddlers. Their dedication to the expectant parents, combined with personalized counseling and care, turned out to be a success that carried their fame far beyond the cantonal borders.

They soon realized that there was still a lot of undiscovered potential in the baby products sector. The range of products offered by Swiss retailers was not too diverse, and the selection was too one-sided. Especially when it came to the combination of functionality, quality and design.

In their quest for improvement, they started to discover innovative products with focus on new potential, new designs, and most importantly, on current and future trends. Trips to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, Barcelona, Milan and New York laid the foundation to future products that would more than just satisfy the customers – they would profoundly impress them!

For their boutique, they developed an exclusive product range that was unique in Switzerland and became extremely popular with consumers.

Not surprisingly, the courage and enthusiasm with which they conquered the Swiss Market did not go unnoticed by major manufacturers. Numerous requests from producers to distribute their brands in Switzerland followed. These became the basis for further, more significant expansion plans of the young company.

MARSIS turns products into market leaders

Having established a marketing and distribution company named MARSIS AG, the Martinez Sisters then proceeded to take over the distribution of two previously unknown start-up brands, respectively 20 and 10 years ago. Today, these brands are among the world’s most recognized distributors of children’s products, and MARSIS turned them into undisputable market leaders in Switzerland.

MARSIS still successfully promotes brands in the baby industry and is honored to list not only professional retailers but also leading sales organizations and multichannel retail corporations as their customers.

The proven experience in marketing & promotion, in retail and e-commerce distribution, combined with passionate enthusiasm to seek out revolutionary and unique product lines, continues to unveil new entrepreneurial potential for the Martinez Sisters, including projects in other industries as well.